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Review: There’s a Gamer in All of Us, by Konseiga

Another gem that was one of the first fics I’d read. It’s basically a oneshot, as it has only two chapters and no sign of receiving any updates.

It’s premise is simple yet delightful; Luna and many other ponies in Equestria are gamers. Celestia, curious as to what her sister spends so much of her time doing, makes an effort to gain some insight in to this common pasttime.

This fic is genuinely hilarious, and I don’t say that lightly. It’s probably the funniest story that I’ve ever read from this fandom. You’ll get a lot more of the references if you’re a gamer, but anyone into fics will find this truly awesome.

It’s a really interesting feeling when you’re done with an exceptional fic and can only think to yourself; “I NEED MOAR!” This fic definitely did that. I wish that Konseiga would go back and add another chapter or two.

Review: Sunny Skies All Day Long, by PhantomFox

This is a fairly well-known one. It’s a oneshot, so if you want something that you can finish in about 15 minutes, it’s a good choice.

You’d figure that royalty must sometimes get tired of being pampered by all who surround them; that no one truly knows them for their personality. What if you could pretend to be a commoner for a day?

Well, that’s the general premise of this gem, Sunny Skies All Day Long.

Celestia, weary of the sycophantic attitude that the ponies of the kingdom have towards her, decides to disguise herself as a pegasus and visit Ponyville. When she gets there, she tries to get to know the townsfolk while carefully guarding her true identity. I really don’t want to spoil any more of the fic, so go read it!

One really interesting thing about the story is it’s length. It’s paced particularly well to the point where I could easily see it as an episode. Dialogue and development are spot-on, which makes the fic very transparent as far as canon and headcanon goes.

The IDEA of the fic itself is what grabs me so. I really do think that this concept would make for an extremely interesting episode, and offer some more development for Celestia or Luna. (As a fanboy, I would probably like to see Luna get this opportunity, though she already had a similar sort of predicament in the Nightmare Night episode.)

So, overall, a short and sweet fic that I would consider of the same quality as the best episodes from the actual series. If you like your fanfiction to be different in tone from its source material, this might not appeal to you as much, but I think that everyone should give it a look anyway. 

Review: Twilight’s First Time

Honestly, it’s better for me not to say anything. Just… just read it.

And yeah this is kind of a cop out, but… It’s finals week. Doin’ what I can here.

more coming soon!

Sorry, no reviews for a couple days. This is the last week of school; finals and whatnot have been keeping me busy. And also league of legends.

Review: Harmony, by Aquaman52

Here’s a relatively recent one. Harmony first popped up on EQD March 31st of this year, (2012 if you’re visiting from the future. Enjoy your hoverboards) and on fimfiction a few days after. As of the time of this post, it’s been updated to 5 8000ish word chapters. The premise is pretty much what it looks like from the picture, ponies plus Bioshock.

Now for those who aren’t familiar with Bioshock, the game takes place in the laissez faire underwater city of Rapture, after mass addiction to a powerful substance known as Adam ruins the city and drives the inhabitants insane. While in the city you gain weapons and special powers, fueled by hypodermic needles filled with Eve. The game is famous for its moody atmosphere, solid gameplay, and rich story.

So what happens when you take Bioshock and Ponies and mash them together? Well, apparently, this.

Ruby is the main protagonist of the fic, and is written from her first person perspective. The first couple chapters after the introduction portray her as quite intelligent, but antisocial. This, I think, is one of the fic’s biggest strengths. She isn’t perfect or necessarily even out to do good for the world, she’s just a very believably average mare.

The zeppelin she’s riding on, the biggest ever known to Equestria, eventually crashes in to the ocean during its flight to ‘Haywai’i.’ [Clever clever.] She and another passenger, with whom she had a slight confrontation during the flight, are the only survivors. They end up on the lone entrance to the city of Harmony, and it isn’t long before they witness the madness and violence the city holds.

This fic is overall, very well done. Aquaman52 masterfully creates a moody, dark tone that is very analogous to the original game. The characters are developed quite well, given how few chapters have been put out so far. The two bicker in a very believable manner, and I honestly have no idea where their relationship is going to go or how they’ll be able to come to terms with each other’s differences. It’s a perfect formula to keep me checking for updates. I can’t give it 6 stars yet, as the story has just barely taken off, but the setup was so well paced that I can’t help but be extremely interested in where the fic goes from here.

Review: Shipping and Handling

I’ve reviewed quite a few shipfics on this blog. My apologies if they don’t fit your fancy.

However, as noted by Pegasus Rescue Brigade, shipping has a couple of very different meanings!

For today’s review, I’ll be covering this adorable little fic, Shipping and Handling. Another Derpy/Ditzy fic! In this story, she’s pretty much only referred to as Ditzy Doo. The more I read fanfiction, the more I realize how that’s the more… Well, it’s the name that makes her a little more believable as a character with depth. (Oh Last Roundup, how you mess with my headcanon…) 

Here’s the premise. Single mom Ditzy Doo struggles to support both her and her daughter, Dinky, at her job with Cloudsdale Mail and Freight. However, her disorganized personality and slight vision impairment have never been of the greatest benefit, especially as a mailmare. One day, she makes the mistake that breaks the camel’s back, and is finally fired. Desperate for another job, she applies to what appears to be a rival shipping company, Equestria Speedy Shipping Services. On her first day, she quickly learns that to some ponies, shipping means something entirely unrelated to packages. [take off glasses, YEAHHH!!! [Speaking of which, CSI Miami was canceled recently. Shame.]]

I adore this story. I wish it was tangible and fluffy so that I could cuddle it and share it with the world. As it is not a stuffed animal, this blog will have to do as far as sharing is concerned.

The real strength of Shipping and Handling is in its character development and dialogue. It’s all very headcanon-material, and immerses you in the fic. Progression and pacing is well though out, and for the most part, the length of each chapter is comparable to an episode of the actual show. A lot of the times I have mixed feelings about that style, but it just feels right for the tone of this fic. It’s whimsical, hilarious, and just oozes heart.

This one, I might go so far to say, is legendary material? Everyone needs to read this.

Review: Then You Saw Her, by Possiblydominator

Shipping fic for this review.

So this is a pretty small, yet endearingly sweet fic. It’s a second perspective shipfic with Derpy/Ditzy, (who is referred to in the fic has Ditzy) and an interesting note that the author makes is to place yourself in the situation. It’s almost like a clever way to get away with self-insertion in your run of the mill crap shipfic. However, I have the give the author credit, as second person writing is pretty challenging, and for the most part he’s successful.

The fic is well done overall, but it can sometimes be hard to overlook some of the mechanical errors. One issue especially is that throughout perhaps the first half of the 9 chapters up so far is the lack of contractions. It results in the dialogue sounding a little off and unnatural. Thankfully, it shapes up as the fic progresses. I definitely have to give Possiblydominator (awesome username by the way) my congratulations on just how vastly his writing improves throughout the fic, and helps me to see it more as a chance for him to get these sorts of minor issues out of the way before he puts out truly great work.

The plot itself is simple, but well put together. There are a couple holes that need to be addressed, but it IS an incomplete fic, so it’s easily forgiven.

If you’re not really a fan of shipping, I would suggest skipping this one. However, shipping is a guilty pleasure for many including myself, and this fic definitely provides that giddy warm-and-fuzzy feeling so characteristic of that genre. Overall, successful fic, just needs some revisions in the first half or so. Looking forward to, as he calls it, ‘Season 2.’

Review: Octavia Takes the Bus, by TheDorkside99


So far I’ve really only covered popular fics, which honestly wasn’t the true vision of this blog. I’d like to review the most well known stories, but eventually I’ll mostly be reviewing hidden gems. 

Hidden gems like this little beauty, named simply, Octavia Takes the Bus!

Don’t be fooled by the humbleness of both the title and the author’s username, this story is no slouch. The quality of writing is absolutely top notch, and the uniqueness of the plot separates it easily from other Octavia-centric fics. \

Now that I think about it, I haven’t come across a huge number of fics dedicated just to Octavia. More often than not she gets shipped with Vinyl, and there are a fair number of Vinyl-dedicated stories, but not too many focusing just on our favorite bow-tie clad mare.

Anyhow, the story takes place from a mix of first and third person narration. It initially starts off in the third person, with Octavia having car troubles. Throughout the first chapter, her frustrations escalate, and her therapist, now that her car is out of commision, recommends that she take the bus to her ensemble practice to gain insight in to other ponies’ lives and troubles.

He also instructs her to keep a journal of her thoughts so that they can analyze her feelings during their sessions. This is where the first person comes in, and its woven in quite well. 

The author captures Octavia in a way that surpasses almost any other fic I’ve read that features her. First person narration of a somewhat fanon established character is a tall order, but TheDorkSide exceeds all expectations. I rarely found myself wondering why Octavia was doing or thinking something, and her development flows extremely smoothly between chapters.

This fic isn’t super well known, but is most definitely worth reading. Here’s hoping it gets updated soon. 

Review: Anthropology, by JasonTheHuman

Here’s a fic that’s still being updated and has me hooked. Anthropology is a brilliant fic about Lyra’s obsession with humans, a device that’s been used countless times by writers but never to this extent. 

It’s hard to review this story without spoiling it, but I’ll do my best.

The first few chapters of the story cover Lyra and her ‘interest’ with the mythology of humans in Equestria. Nearly nopony has ever heard of them, and those that have view them as just that; myths. However, Lyra isn’t convinced. Through extensive research, note-taking, and hypothesizing, she begins to put the pieces together. Other ponies, however, are not convinced; most notably her roommate, Bon-Bon. The first ‘act’ of the story details her struggle to get ponies to take her ideas seriously, and the second… Well, you’ll have to read it to find out.

The story is superbly written by JasonTheHuman, and the reader really starts to feel for Lyra’s struggles. Reading was at times hilarious, shocking, or downright uncomfortable. That feeling of discomfort is a key element that sets this fic apart from the rest, and is balanced by an addictive style of writing that keeps the reader scrolling.

All in all, fantastic story, with a very different feel and plot. It’s still being updated at the time of this post, though something tells me there won’t be too many more. 

Review: Allegrezza, by Coffeegrunt

very nice cover art!

Ahh, another one of the first few fics that I encountered. Also another extremely popular one, though not nearly as well known as the likes of Fallout: Equestria.

Anyhow, Allegrezza is a medium length fic that ships Octavia and Vinyl Scratch. It’s also probably one of the first actually GOOD ones.

The story is told in third person and follows Octavia’s pursuits in her career as a cellist, and of course, the story gets infinitely more interesting when she encounters the rough-and-tumble DJ Pon3, or Vinyl Scratch. 

The way the two are written and play off each other is a definite hook, line, and sinker for the reader. After reading the fic it was essentially my indisputable headcanon for the two. Their depth of character is amazing, and each has the appropriate amount of backstory assigned to them to forge an emotional connection to the reader. This story is definitely a tear jerker at times, so men, prepare your handkerchiefs! 

Coffeegrunt has an amazing writing style, simple to follow but with an underlying level of sophistication that keeps the reader fascinated. 

If you have mixed feelings about shipfics but are willing at least to give one a shot, this is a great fic to start with.